Dr. Lee

I have been playing percussion,

performing, taught drum workshops and connected with many beautiful people at the merc for some time now. On Saturday November 8 merc celebrated 18 years of life.

The new digs are Kool! From the new window and wall projections, dj station, new lighting, powerful smoke machine, the new bar, dance floor and VIP section. I rate it 10 out of 10.

The look and feel is more industrial, spacious and colorful.


I look forward to seeing shows and playing percussion on saturday nights.


Thank you Mercury.

Dr. Lee


Thomas Stepien

I arrived at 0:30 at Mercury Lounge the room was getting full with a dance-floor progressively warming up to the sounds of resident Lance Baptiste. Ten minutes after the sound changed to a deep house vibe with a slight organic feel. It was the label boss man himself from Vancouver's legendary house music label Nordic Trax 
http://www.nordictrax.com/, the one and only Luke McKeehan .


He was progressively reading and figuring out the vibe of the dance floor and warming it up with a chill 4 x 4 deep house vibe with recycled samples of disco funk classics fully filtered, when suddenly a familiar but warm feeling deep old school warehouse vibe with a semi Newark sounding garage sound reminding me of legends such as Kerri Chandler kicked in. That's when the dance floor was seduced and until 3:15 am, the vibe was happy full of energy and pure love for the music . For me experiencing his set was a special moment as he took me places that reminded of familiar surroundings, timelines and memories from almost 20 years ago in my life, but combined with a new high tech approach reflecting today's production techniques and recording technology . 

I would say that along with the DJ Sneak show that took place early this year at Ritual this was one of the best nights for House Music in our nations capital and all this took place at the nu reborn Mercury Lounge in Ottawa CANADA. 

Peace out Thomas Da Teknobrat !!!